The Audamus Story

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Audamus story is about our family’s journey with eczema. Hi, I’m Gloria and a mother of 3 young children. Audamus is a combination of my three children’s names i.e. Aurora, Damien and Maximus. I got into soap making when two of my children developed eczema when they were babies. Their skin was oozy and bloody from infection, feeling itchy all the time and affecting sleep. They quickly became cranky babies due to the irritation. My sleep was affected as well, I would wake up almost hourly to hold my baby’s hand when I hear hand movements. Then I would apply lotion to moisturise their skin. This was the nightly routine for many months. 

Alternative Treatments

We’ve consulted many dermatologists, tried homeopathy and osteopathy but the baby did not get better. It got worse with time, I felt sad and helpless sometimes even blaming myself. So much so, I did not capture much of my baby moments as I do not want to be reminded of the painful skin issues.

Baby face eczema at two month's old, skin peeling and red.
Damien’s face eczema at 2 months old.

All along, I knew about handmade soap and was wondering what’s so special about them. To me, who is a Chemist (in my subconscious mind, I was thinking about all the chemicals you can find in the commercial soap), this is just a normal soap (handmade soap), no big deal. My career as a Chemist working in a testing laboratory knows how chemicals can help and also ruin our lives. Then, one day when I’ve exhausted all avenues to help my baby and after spending thousands on doctors’ consultation fees, medications and lotions, I decided to give handmade soap a try. After all, there’s nothing more to lose. I was determined to fight the war trying everything that I could. By the time I decided to try handmade soap, it was already a few years after my baby was diagnosed with eczema.

Learning Soap Making

So, I learned and started to make my own soaps. I was my own guinea pig, I had to try my own soap before testing it on my child. I noticed that after using handmade soap, I was very pleased as I don’t feel the skin tightening effect of using commercial soaps anymore. At first, I wasn’t so comfortable using these, they did not give the clean roughy feeling like commercial soap. It felt like there was still soap on the skin because of slippery feeling while showering even after I’ve used lots of water to wash it off. I was quite paranoid, when it comes to this, as I was afraid of having itchy skin. To my amazement, my skin felt smoother, it wasn’t as dry as before and I even use less lotion. I was a convert instantly! Naturally, I gradually phased out all the commercial soaps in our home. No more commercial chemical laden soaps anymore!

Improvements On Eczema

Now, back to the story on my baby’s eczema, there were some improvements on the skin after using our own handmade soaps. As a result, the skin was more moisturised and I don’t need to apply as much lotion and as often as before. Besides that, we did some other things as well, such as changing his diet, starting a food diary to identify the allergen and so on. It was a long tiring heartbreaking journey that I’m sure all parents do not want to go through. Thankfully, with a combination of all these, the skin has returned to normal, isn’t itchy anymore and definitely my baby is not cranky anymore. They do have some occasional flareups but I’m more relaxed now knowing that soap is not the cause of concern and it is easier to manage these days.

Natural Soap For Everyone

Being a Chemist, I’m always careful in ensuring all my products are made precisely and carefully as safety is a primary concern. I do not want a lye heavy soap and neither do you. If a chemist does not want to use a chemical-laden commercial soap, you shouldn’t too! Trust me, it is definitely not beneficial for your skin. We also specifically ensure that all our products are not added with any artificial ingredients and chemicals for we believe being natural is a lifestyle that we want you to experience. We sincerely hope that you will benefit using our products which are handcrafted for people of all ages with skin issues in mind.