Golden coloured natural handmade liquid soap by Audamus

Natural Handmade Liquid Soap

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Audamus Naturals Handmade Liquid Soap available here. If you prefer liquid soap compared to bar soap, you’ve come to the right place. We have liquid soap suitable for pet too. These are specially made for clients who prefer liquid soap. The unscented soap range is suitable for children and adults. If you prefer, you can add essential oils to the soap. The selection of essential oil is endless plus you can customize your choice of scent. The flexibility of liquid soap is what some of our clients prefer.

Whether you prefer to use natural handmade liquid soap as body soap or hand soap or as pet soap even, we don’t discriminate. When it comes to natural handmade soap, it’s a pure soap with top to toe function. Our liquid soap is mild soap suitable for all skin conditions including eczema, hand eczema, psoriasis, sensitive and dry skin. Feel the moisturising effect of using natural handmade soap. It’s the perfect soap for sensitive skin and dry skin.

You can also try our handmade bar soap too.