Homegrown Herbs

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We, at Audamus Naturals, enjoy using our own homegrown pesticide-free herbs at home. We have a very small garden at home for this hobby. It’s fun growing edibles and herbs. It’s a pure joy watching plants grow and then harvest the produce that we grow. The satisfaction of watching and tending to these plants is priceless. Our garden produce is grown without any chemical pesticides and we use mostly composted kitchen waste, garbage enzymes, fish amino fertilizer, vermicompost, and chicken dung. We always share with creatures of nature such as caterpillars, snails, and grasshoppers in our garden. These are truly and fully grown with love so that our family can enjoy a safe and healthier food in today’s modern and busy lifestyle.

homegrown herb mortar
Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

Nothing goes to waste in our home, we use kitchen waste compost to enrich our small garden. These herbs are seasonal depending on what we have in our garden. Order and enjoy our exclusive homegrown pesticide-free herbs now…