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Price for handmade soap is considered premium by a lot of people. Well, there is a reason why. If you compare the price of a bar of commercial soap with a bar of handmade soap, it ranges from 5 to 10 times more than commercial soap.

Price versus value
Price versus Value
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Firstly, we have to understand what’s the major differences between these two.


If you read the ingredients listed in these products, commercial vs. handmade you would notice that there are lots of ingredients that you cannot comprehend. It is not written in layman terms that you can understand. On the contrary, you can more or less understand what the ingredients are listed for handmade soap. The commercial ones are made from cheap chemical ingredients such as EDTA (stabiliser), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (surfactant for cleaning products), stearic acid (hardener), sodium stearate (stabiliser for plastics), fragrances (synthetic scent) and many more. These are mostly synthetic detergents made from petrochemicals and cleaning agents. On the other hand, natural handmade soap is usually listed with edible oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, herbs, milk, essential oils, mica, coloring, and fragrances. Handmade soap with ingredients such as mica, coloring, fragrances are not 100% natural though.

Soap Making Process

Commercial soaps are made in a continuous process in the factory on a large scale. Whereas, handmade soap is made by batch ranging from a few kilograms to maybe 50 or 100 kilograms. For small startups, it is usually made at the home of the soap maker.

What are your priorities?
Do you think 4 weeks use of soap is more expensive than a 15-minute bubble tea?

Being An Informed Consumer

Now, you can compare for yourself what the differences are between these two products. Then, you might want to make a choice whether you should shower with chemicals/detergents. Is your body delicate enough to handle the abuse after all these years? There are many people who are inflicted with some sort of skin disease nowadays, why is that so? Could it due to the adverse effects of using detergents as a body soap? Do you still want to apply detergents onto your face and body after reading this? You can make a choice, whether it’s for the better or the worse.

Audamus Naturals Soap Price

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