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Beijing Grass for Skin Health and Immunity

Beijing grass
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Beijing Grass for skin health, have you heard of Beijing Grass before? Some call it as angel grass, ya pak king or in Malay Rumput Siti Khadijah. It looks a little bit like cow grass, but it has longer leaf and flowers with a long stalk. Its scientific name is Murdannia loriformis. It is quite popular in Thailand and is known to stimulate the immune system especially for those suffering from cancer.

Besides its efficacy to treat symptoms of cancer, some use it to alleviate various skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Beijing Grass grow like weeds in my garden. It does help my eczema condition especially when it gets itchy and when it flares up. Not so long ago, a family member was having itchy rashes. I introduced Beijing Grass to him too. After taking the grass for a few days, the rashes subsided miraculously!

Beijing rass aka angel grass aka rumput siti khadijah
Beijing Grass or Rumput Siti Khadijah in my garden

So, are you getting more interested in Beijing Grass by now?

How to consume Beijing Grass

It is best to consume in the morning before food and at night before sleep. I will use 2 to 3 leaves, wash and tear the leaves apart. There’ll be some mucus when the leaves are bruised and torn. The flowers and stalk can be used too. Then, pour hot water over it and let it steep. Drink when tea is in room temperature. Beijing Grass is cooling for the body. It’s best not to consume continuously without a break. The protocol to consume Beijing Grass is to consume for 6 or 7 days continuously and then stop taking for 3 or 4 days. You can resume consumption after the break. For detailed preparation of the herb, you can refer here

I have found some testimonials here online on its use in cancer treatment.

Use Beijing Grass Tea In Soap

Since it is great as an alternative treatment for cancer and skin issues, it should be great in soap too! The Indigo Angel Bar Soap is made with Beijing Grass tea and added with Indigo Naturalis powder. Indigo Naturalis is useful in combatting inflammation as it contains indigo, indirubin and tryptanthrin.

The Purple Angel Bar Soap is made with Beijing Grass tea and Gromwell infused oil. Gromwell roots is known for its antiseptic and soothing effect. It can soothe redness and irritation of dry and sensitive skin.

Beijing grass is also well-known to be a great immunity booster.

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