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Eczema And Food Relations

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Eczema and food relations, are they related? Well, in my opinion, yes! I’ll share my experience with regards to eczema and food relations. Now we know that eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis is the resultant of the overactive immune system. Eczema is a condition that makes the skin dry, red, scaly and itchy. Sadly, this condition has no cure at the moment, one can only self-manage it. Eczema management aims to prevent more flares and reduce itchiness so that one can be as comfortable as possible. Eczema gets very itchy especially at night, often disrupting sleep and rest. As a result, an eczema sufferer becomes moody, irritated and depressed. It’s like a snowball effect, it feels like there’s isn’t any quality of life. Not to mention the stares that one gets from the public. Sounds bad? Yes, it is. Only the person who suffers from it feels the pain associated with it. Now, let us explore on eczema and food relations in this article.

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