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Goat Milk Soap Benefits

goat milk sunnyE bar soap

Goat milk has many wonderful benefits for the skin. If you want to know how this yummy white liquid can be beneficial for your skin, read on. If you have dry and irritated skin after using synthetic soap, why not change to a mild soap such as the goat milk handmade soap? What’s the difference between handmade soap and synthetic soap? I’ll explain the difference in the next post in detail.

Goat milk soap is gentle on all skin types and protects the skin from damages. Using this will aid in the reduction of redness, itchiness and therefore calms the skin. It contains fat molecules, minerals, vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that’s superb for dry and sensitive skin. It helps to relieve eczema and psoriasis symptoms too.

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Essential Oil Making You Sick?

Aromatherapy EO

How essential oil make you sick or cause sensitisation? There are so many benefits of using Essential Oils (EOs), even when you Google it. You haven’t heard of EOs giving any adverse reactions, right? Well, there’s a fine line between safe and effective use and adverse reactions. You have to know what to use and how. This is important. We have to know and learn how to use EOs safely and effectively. I know many treat EOs as a cure-all, which is a misconception. EOs cannot take over the role of doctors and medication.

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Unique Handmade Soap By Audamus Naturals

Audamus soap products

Unique handmade soap by Audamus Naturals. So, what makes Audamus Naturals different from other soap makers, you may ask? For a start, we formulate our products especially for skin issues as our family members suffer from it too. Each soap maker has their own formula or recipe even though you may notice that we use the same ingredients. Each soap made is unique, derived from each experience in soap making and the desired unique qualities for the soap.  

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The Process Of Soap Making

Saponification process

In commercially produced soap, glycerine is extracted to be sold to pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as they are valuable. Commercial soaps usually contain surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, foaming agents and preservatives such as EDTA and a host of other ingredients which names are difficult to pronounce for the laymen. These chemicals are irritating to the skin and also not environmental friendly.

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